Storage Tips

As You Pack Your Things

Moving day is here! We, at A Discount Mini Storage, will do everything we can to help you keep your prized possessions safe and secure. Here are our suggestions for packing:

Cushion Breakables Carefully, Thoroughly

Organize Containers Systematically

Pack in Sturdy, Stackable Plastic Bins
Whether you choose a Climate-Controlled or Non-Climate Controlled unit, we recommend packing your items in bins rather than boxes. Here's why:

If You Use Cardboard Boxes

As You Load Your Unit
You Are Here, at A Discount Mini Storage! We'll do everything we can to help make your move the best ever. We can offer tips to load your particular items. If you have questions or concerns at any point during move-in, we're here to help!

Our Top Move-In Do's and Don'ts



Special Tips, Special Measures

Remember . . . At Move-In . . . Feel Free To Ask For Advice!